How does a new user login for the first time?

Learn the basics of user logon in the AskCody Management Portal

If a new user is created in the AskCody management portal the user will have a username (email) and a set of roles determining what kind of access this user will have.

The user will only have to log in to the management portal if they one or more of the following roles: 

  • Owner
  • User Administrator 
  • Connect Administrator
  • Insights Administrator
  • ActivityView Administrator
  • ActivityView Manager 
  • Meeting+ Administrator
  • Meeting+ Provider 
  • Meeting+ Accountant 
  • Resources Administrator
  • Resources Manager 
  • Today+ Administrator 
  • Today+ Manager 
  • WayFinder Administrator 
  • Welcome+ Administrator 
  • Welcome+ Receptionist

(To learn more about user roles, click here)

If the new user has one or more of the roles above the will need to request a password the first time they try to log in to the Management Portal. To request a password the new user needs to go to the Management Portal and click the Request password button. The new user will then have to type in the email that is being used as the users AskCody username. and click Send instructions. 

Finally, an email will be sent from AskCody with instructions on how to create the password and the user will then be able to log in.