How to display ActivityView on a screen using ScreenCloud Signage App

ScreenCloud is a signage software that allow you to show more than one screen view of information either at the same time, also called zoning, or by sliding between the different views. Learn more about ScreenCloud here:

*It is important to mention that the AskCody ActivityView is not designed for screen zoning and we will always recommend a fullscreen view of ActivityViews. 


Follow these steps to view ActivityView with the ScreenCloud software: 

1. Log in to your ScreenCloud account and the AskCody Manager.
2. Copy your ActivityView URL (Find your URL here) and go to the ScreenCloud Signage Content page. 
3. Click the Add Web Site button in the top right corner.
4. Paste the ActivityView URL and click Add URL.
The ActivityView should appear in your content library under the Web tab.
5. Add the ActivityView Web Site to the ScreenCloud playlist by drag and drop it. 

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