Getting started with Meeting Room Displays

Learn the basics of the AskCody Displays

AskCody Displays show daily activities and enable employees to schedule events directly on the meeting room display.

This makes it easier than ever to optimize your meeting room utilization. The real-time view of the room's calendar prevents meeting interruptions and booking misunderstandings.

AskCody Displays are designed to instantly give an overview of meeting room availability, therefore, by default the display has a green background when the room is available, and a red background when it is occupied.

The color choice indicator is customizable. Thus it might differ according to your organization's preferences. In this example, the default colors are presented. 


There are two kinds of meetings that can be booked and displayed on Meeting Room Displays: scheduled meetings and ad-hoc meetings.

Meetings scheduled in Outlook

When you book a meeting room that has a Display outside of the meeting room, your meeting subject, its agenda, organizers, and attendee's names, alongside the beginning of the meeting and its duration, will be shown. Therefore, it is important to mark your meeting as private in case you do not wish to display the information of your meeting. Once the meeting has been booked, it will be displayed on the Display as shown below. 

Remember to confirm your meeting when you get to the meeting room. Otherwise, the meeting will be automatically removed and the room will become available. The meeting can be confirmed 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting, and 15 minutes after the scheduled beginning (default setting, that can be changed accordingly to your needs and preferences).

You are also able to cancel your meeting 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after the scheduled start time from the display.


At any moment during your meeting, you can extend or end your meeting. You can extend your meeting as long as it does not interfere with other scheduled meetings.

 Crestron, occupied-new

When ending a meeting, make sure to confirm that you want to end your meeting, otherwise it will not register the action. It is important to release the room if it is not being used, in order to allow your colleagues to use the facilities. The Display updates the info displayed once every minute.

Book ad-hoc meetings directly from the display

You are able to book the room directly from the display. The ad-hoc meeting can only be scheduled to commence within the next 24 hours. 


If you wish to book a room for later, press the watch icon and you will be presented with a calendar. From there on, you can book the meeting room at any given moment, as long as it does not interfere with other scheduled meetings. 


You are able to see the room's schedule on the left side of the screen. In this list, you can see what meetings are scheduled and the subject of the meetings. You can select any meeting on the list to see more details.  


Equipment/service information and faulty equipment reporting

If you want to see a list of the equipment/services that are available in the room, press the information icon in the top right corner.


To report faulty equipment, press the equipment in question and select the type of issue you are experiencing. Here you can also see a description of the equipment. 


This will send an email to the person marked as facility contact for the location.


Next step: Test meeting room display setup