The description for the error code "ErrorNoSuitableServiceAccount"

Domain: AskCody Management Portal

Code: ErrorNoSuitableServiceAccount

Type: Configuration error (You are often able to resolve this error).

Description: You will encounter this issue when using the AskCody add-ins and are in the following scenario: When users or resources have multiple domains in your organization (common in an organization with offices in different locations and time zones), there needs to be a connection established between AskCody and your Exchange Server for each one of those domains in order to be able to validate the user, and provide access to the AskCody add-ins. 

In order to fix this, please go to the Admin Center, then on the top banner click on Accounts -> Domains, and please proceed to add each of the domains that users have in your organization. After having them created, please click on each one of them, and assign the integration that has the permissions to impersonate the current user, and the resource calendar in your Exchange Environment.