Error: Invalid license key

Learn how to troubleshoot when encountering the "Invalid license key" error in the AskCody Meeting Room Displays (Displays)

The invalid license key error message usually appears in the AskCody Signage app because of the following reasons: 

1. The license key is invalid

Solution: Please make sure that the license key is correctly typed into the text fields. 

2. There is no network connection

Solution: Please exit the AskCody app and check the network settings on the device. If the device seems to be connected to a network, please test this by opening a webpage (like Google) on the built-in browser. 

3. The device has issues accessing network-provided time

If neither of the above solutions work, the issue might lie in the device not being able to access network-provided time.
Solution: Please make sure that the device has the network-provided time option enabled in its settings, and that the time in the device matches the real time.
Some organizations block access to some NPT servers as part of their network infrastructure security policies. If this is the case for your organization, please contact your organization's IT department to get assistance regarding this to get your device setup with a valid Network-Provided Time configuration.