Difference between "SMS sender name" and "Email sender name" and how to set it up

"SMS sender name" is the name displayed instead of the service phone number when you receive an SMS from Welcome+ or WayFinder.

It will by default show "AskCody" unless changed and it can be a maximum of 11 characters and only contain the letters from A to Z in upper- and lowercase. 

The technical term for SMS sender name is Alphanumeric Sender ID and it is not supported in all countries. Click here, to see in which countries Alphanumeric Sender ID can be enabled. 

Email sender name is the name added to the end of every email from a Welcome+ reception. For example, the Email sender name could be the name of your company or the name of the specific reception. 

How to set up SMS sender name

**To set up SMS sender name your user needs to have the Owner role in the AskCody Manager**.

Go to the Admin Center in the AskCody Manager → Click General and select SMS sender name → Click Update to save the changes 

How to set up Email sender name

**To set up an Email sender name your user needs to have the Owner role or Welcome+ Administrator role in the AskCody Manager**.

Go to the Admin Center in the AskCody Manager → Click Welcome+ and select Welcome+ Receptions → Click Edit next to the reception and click Update to save the changes