Data not processed by AskCody

It’s one thing what personal data AskCody processes – but what don’t we process?

The AskCody Data Processing Agreement fully states what type of data we process and for what purpose. However, it might also be relevant for you to know what we don’t process to help you answer any security questions that may arise.

Personal data not stored or processed by the data processor:

  • The data processor does not store or process attachments to meetings in Microsoft Outlook.
  • The data processor does not store or process personal data on Private Meetings in Microsoft Outlook.
  • The data processor, AskCody, does not store or process Sensitive Personal Data, following the definition of "Sensitive Personal Data" as personal data, revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership; data concerning health or sex life and sexual orientation; genetic data or biometric data. Data relating to criminal offenses and convictions are addressed separately (as criminal law lies outside the EU's legislative competence).
  • The data processor does not store or process data specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity of that natural person, including identifiers such as genetic data and all data pertaining to a data subject’s health status.
  • Meeting content is available for viewing by AskCody, but is not processed. It is the controller's responsibility that meetings, bookings, etc. do not contain data that the controller is not allowed to forward and does not contain sensitive personal data. Should the controller make such data available for AskCody to see, it is of no relevance to AskCody, and the responsibility for transferring such data remains with the Controller.

Meeting content is available for view by AskCody, but it is not processed and even though AskCody has theoretical access, we follow strict guidelines and practices that ensure that any data not relevant to our processing activities are not viewed, processed, or in any way handled by AskCody.