Cost centers are not visible in the Meeting Service Add-in for Outlook

Learn how to troubleshoot for when your organization's cost centers are not visible in the AskCody Meeting Services (Meeting+) Add-in for Outlook

In some cases, the cost centers are not visible in the AskCody Meeting Services Add-in for Outlook. There can be a few different causes for this issue:

The global settings for the cost centers are set to "Hidden"

In the AskCody Management Portal, it is possible to select a global setting for cost center selection mode, which will determine how end-users see the cost centers in the Meeting Services (Meeting+) add-in for Outlook. If the setting is set to "Hidden", the cost centers will not appear for end-users in the add-in. 

In order to fix this, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Meeting+ Settings options in the Admin Center:
    Meeting+ Settings
  2. Under "Cost center selection mode", please select the "Manual" option:
    Cost center selection mode
  3. Click on the green "Update" button at the bottom of the settings.

This should make the cost centers visible.

The individual settings for a cost center (or several) are set to "Hidden"

When managing cost centers in the AskCody management portal, it is possible to, individually, display or hide them from the add-ins. To check on the status of the cost centers, please visit the "Manage cost centers" option in the "Economy" section of the Meeting Services Management Portal:

Manage Cost Centers

In here, please check on the "Hidden" column the status of the cost center:

Cost Center hidden

In case the cost center is hidden, please click on the blue "Edit" button located at the right, and make sure that the following setting is not selected:

Hidden option in the cost center management portal

This should make the cost center visible once again in the Meeting Services (Meeting+) Add-in for Outlook.

The cost centers belong to cost center groups, but the users are not members of the cost center groups

When creating multiple cost centers and deciding which users have access to which cost centers, it is a best practice to create cost center groups, and add your cost centers to them. However, to make sure the cost center groups are visible in the add-in, the end users need to be members of the cost center groups.

Cost Center group memberships are managed from the user synchronization portal. In order to make sure that the cost center groups are assigned to users, please make sure that the memberships in the synchronization settings are assigned correctly. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Azure AD Sync Portal:Azure AD Sync Portal
  2. In here, please pause the sync, then select the user group that you would like to assign to the cost centers, and under "Cost Center Group Memberships" please select the cost centers that you would like to make available for that user group in the Meeting Services (Meeting+) Add-in:
    Cost Center group memberships
  3. Then, please save the changes and resume the Azure AD Sync. This should make the right user assignments to the different available cost centers, and then make the cost centers available in the Meeting Services (Meeting+) Add-in.

The cost centers are managed from Exchange, and synchronized into AskCody

In case that your organization manages the cost centers from Microsoft Exchange, it is also possible to inherit those cost centers from Exchange and include them into settlements and Economy exports in AskCody. When this method of cost center management is selected, cost centers will not be visible in the add-in. Cost centers will be automatically assigned to the users that have access to them, and the orders they place in the Meeting Services (Meeting+) add-in, will be assigned to the cost center assigned to the user placing the order.