Content to Support Adoption of the AskCody Platform

This article will provide a list of the content that supports the process of designing an Adoption Program.

Training Videos 

The following is a list of videos guiding how to use different parts of the AskCody Platform. You are free to use and distribute these videos in your organization if you find them useful. 

*Some of the videos contain old names and visuals of the AskCody Web Portals and Add-ins. We are working on updating them.

How to use the AskCody Bookings Add-in for Outlook

How to use the AskCody Services Add-in for Outlook 

How to use the AskCody Services Web Portal  (2.01min in)

How to handle service requests in the AskCody Services Web Portal

How to use the AskCody Visitors Add-in for Outlook 

How to use the AskCody Visitors Web Portal

How to use the AskCody Insights

How to use the AskCody Mobile App

To see more AskCody videos go to our YouTube channel.


Customizable How-to-use templates 

This How-to-use template is a customizable PowerPoint with prefilled information, steps, and videos showing your end-users how to use the AskCody Add-ins for Outlook. 

The template is created so you can customize:

  • All the text so it fit your organization's way of communicating.
  • You can replace all pictures of the Add-ins, so it looks exactly how your Add-ins look in your end-users Outlook. 
  • You can remove or add steps and company rules so they fit your organization. 


How to customize the template?

  1. Download the PowerPoint Template: How-to-use-template.pptx
  2. Remove the sections that are not useful to you. 
  3. Read through all the written text to see if it fit your company's examples, steps, and rules. There is text marked with red in the Introduction, this text should be deleted or replaced with your company's name and information. 
    But remember the text written in the template is just an example, you should rewrite it so it fits your company. 
  4. Replace the pictures of the Add-ins if you find it necessary. 
    - Simply open your Outlook and the Add-in you wish to take a picture of. 
    - Take a screenshot of only the Add-in frame (Windows: Shift-Windows-S).
    Some of the Add-ins require you to scroll down to see it all. Start by taking a screenshot from the top of the Add-in and insert that screenshot in your template. Next, scroll down in your Add-in and take a new screenshot starting from the bottom of your last screenshot. Continue until you reach the button of the Add-in. Some of the Add-ins have steps/buttons that open up more information, take screenshots of that as well. But look at the screenshots in the template for inspiration.  
  5. Export your PowerPoint as a PDF. The PDF will be interactive, meaning that the links to the videos will be available in the PDF. 
  6. Send the PDF to your end-users or add it to your intranet -do what makes sense for your adoption program.