The AskCody pricing plans

Learn about the different pricing plans and Add-ons that adapt to the needs of your organization, helping you efficiently reach your goals and organizational outcomes.

With AskCody you belong to one of 2 Pricing Plans which consist of a specific set of features. Besides the pricing plans, you can have Add-ons*, which are additional features that can be added to your plan. 

*Add-ons should not be confused with Add-ins. Add-ons are a set of features you can add to your pricing plan. Add-ins are the AskCody modules you open directly in Outlook. 

     Pricing Plans      AskCody modules
     Essentials      Central
     Workplace, Outlook user Add-in
     Meeting+, Outlook user Add-in - not included
     Meeting+, provider management console - not included
     Advanced      Central
     Workplace, Outlook user Add-in
     Meeting+, Outlook user Add-in
     Meeting+, provider management console


    Add-ons     AskCody modules
    Visitor Management      Welcome+, reception management console
     Welcome+, Outlook user Add-in
    Meeting Room Displays      Today+

The pricing plans consist of two tiers:

Essentials: Includes Workplace Central, and Insights, which give you insights and analytics about your workplace. Central and Insights provide an overview of the utilization of your meeting resources, and the possibility to gain insights and analyze both past, present, and future data. This plan also includes the Workplace module, which is an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook that supports easy room bookings, advanced search for rooms and desks, and the support of multiple locations and time zones. Learn more here.

Advanced: Includes all modules and features from the Essentials plan, and gives you access to the Meeting+ module, which consists of an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and a Cloud Management Console for seamless order management. This allows you to order catering and meeting services for meetings, directly from Microsoft Outlook. Learn more here.

Which Pricing Plan and Add-ons do you belong to?

To better understand the plan you are part of, please refer to the two tables above. Find the modules you are using for your AskCody solution on the right column in the table above and see which plan or add-ons they belong to.

Examples of pricing plans

*Only relevant for customers prior to the 2nd of September 2019.

In the following, you will see different examples of how customers, with specific modules, belong to a specific pricing plan and Add-ons.

A customer is using and paying for: Workplace Add-in and Welcome+ reception tool
They belong to:

Pricing plan:
Add-ons: Visitor Management

Includes: Central, Insights, Welcome+ Add-in

A customer is using and paying for: Workplace Add-in, Meeting+ provider tool and Meeting+ Add-in

Pricing plan: Advanced
Add-ons: None

Includes: Central, Insights 

A customer is using and paying for: Today+

Add-ons: Meeting room displays

Includes: Central, Insights, ActivityView

A customer is using and paying for: Flat rate/Enterprise Agreement (access to all modules and features)

Pricing plan:
Add-ons: Meeting room displays, Visitor Management

Includes: Access to the full platform