Set adoption goals and targets

Best practices for a successful adoption of the AskCody Meeting Management Platform in your organization

How do you measure success? How do you know if your organization has adopted the solution?

We recommend, that before implementing AskCody you define some KPIs or metrics, that you believe are important to monitor to understand the success or the implementation. These can be defined as metrics that you want to see change or evolve over time.

  • Meetings booked per day/week/year
  • Percentage of users, using the system to book the meeting room
  • Amount of meeting service requested, ordered or checked-in for meetings
  • Handling time per service request for kitchen/facility service/office service
  • Handling time for finance department on meeting service
  • User satisfaction rate on the system used to book meetings
  • Meeting room utilization
  • Average attendees versus total capacity in meeting rooms
  • Average meeting length
  • Average meetings per day/week/year

With these metrics measured before and after implementation, it’s easy for you to monitor adoption and success.


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