How do I submit a feature request?

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, and we are always interested in hearing what you have to say about the AskCody modules!

If you have an idea or request for a feature, we want to know about it and to let us know, please write an email to

What information needs to be in a feature request? 

Every feature request needs to contain the following: 

  • What module is the request related to? (Welcome+, Today+, Insights, etc.) 
  • What component is the request related to? (Management portal, signage, add-in, etc.)
  • Pain point (what is the context for the request?)
  • User story (why is this request important for you and your work with AskCody) 

The following is an example of what information a feature request needs to contain: 

Module: Meeting+

Component: Admin center (provider configuration) 

Pain point: Most canteens have the business rule: order the day before at 12.00. When you are booking a room with delivery Saturday, you will be able to book something for Monday morning, and the kitchen has no chance of having that ready, nor rejecting the order, because it is weekend and they don't work in the weekend.

User story: As a delivery provider, I need to be able to specify my working hours of the day, such that I am informed about the orders I need to prepare at the time when I can estimate if I have enough time to complete the order.