Prepare your Exchange setup for AskCody


Add all your resource calendars in Exchange as room mailboxes

Add all resource calendars that you would like to access and manage through the AskCody Management Portal to Exchange as room mailboxesroom mailbox is a resource mailbox assigned to e.g. a meeting location or resource, such as a conference room, auditorium, or a car. You can use the Exchange Admin Center (EAC), Exchange Management Console (EMC), and the Exchange Management Shell (PowerShell) to create a resource room mailbox.

When adding room mailboxes to Exchange, please enable Automate Processing for the resource. For more information about Automate Processing, please go to TechNetAutomate Processing allows “meeting responses” to be sent to the user when a resource is booked. Automate Processing is required for all resource calendars because it will prevent double bookings or “conflicts”.

Configure the right booking options or scheduling permissions for your resources.

After creating the resource calendar (room mailbox), we recommend that you perform additional configuration tasks based on the needs of your organization. For AskCody to perform as it should it is important to ensure that the different scheduling permissions and booking options are configured correctly. 

Booking Options allows you to change the settings for the booking policy that defines when a resource can be booked, how long it can be booked for, and how far in advance it can be booked. All booking options or scheduling permissions are handled by Exchange, and not by AskCody. This is why it is important to configure these options before you start to connect with AskCody (Read more here).

Booking options can always be changed afterward. AskCody automatically uses these settings from Exchange.


You can learn more about scheduling permissions for Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013Exchange 2016, and Exchange Online.



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