Examples of ways to drive adoption

Important aspects to take into account when driving end-user adoption of the AskCody Meeting Management Platform in your organization

In general, when communicating to your end-users, focus on why and the value to the business.

People need a reason to change behavior and adapt to new processes or ways to do something. You need to motivate and encourage them by providing a reason to change.

In your communication to your end-users include:

  • What is it?
  • Why is it important to the business? (Motivate and encourage)
  • What do you expect your end-users to do?
  • How do you help them to become successful?
  • How do they get support end help if they are in doubt of how to use the system?
  • When do you expect all end-users to convert?
  • How do you measure success?
  • What happens if you don’t change/adapt? Is there a consequence? (Usually, a combination of 'carrots' and 'sticks' works well)

A combination of following media or activities works well for communicating to your end-users:

  • Intranet update
  • Email newsletter (from the executive sponsor)
  • Drop-in sessions with Power Users to show how to use the system, and motivate others to start today
  • Video (or series of videos) from IT-team or executive sponsor, showing a short demo and motivating to change
  • A presentation from the executive sponsor on your monthly “all-hands” or kick-off meetings
  • A video from Internal Support/Help Desk with tips and tricks, including ensuring your end-users that they can always ask for any help if in doubt. This gives end-users the motivation to try things out because they feel safe and supported.
  • A one-pager or “how-to guide” to including in your onboarding collateral for new employees


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