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Desk Management - Book desks, Service & cleaning, Desk usage analytics

This webinar explains how to easily find and book desks on Laptops and in the AskCody Mobile App. How to provide efficient desk services and cleaning, and how to optimize the use of office space.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

51:07 min.



Introduction to Desk Management with AskCody

We will start out introducing the AskCody Desk Management Platform giving an overview of the capabilities within desk booking, services, cleaning, and usage analytics.

How to easily find and book desks on laptop and mobile

We will show how to use AskCody's add-in for Outlook and the Mobile App for simple and easy booking of an appropriate desk for the day and how to use Dashboards to help guide employees to their desks.

How to provide efficient desk services and cleaning

We will take you through how to book services for desks and how cleaning staff can save time using the overview of desks that have been used during the day.

How to use analytics on desk usage to optimize the use of space

Learn how AskCody Insights can be used to analyze data on bookings and provide a solid understanding of the need for desks and rooms, which could lead to considerations for optimizing the office space.